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grassROOTS church

windswept_w1280_cw1280_ch1024_cx1280_cy0   John has been getting his religion patch for cub scouts by taking classes through a local church.  Last Sunday, we went there to watch him get his patch and to thank the people that taught him.

I’m not sure what I expected, but it was a very interesting experience.

grassROOTS church (as their myspace page refers to them) is very small and very informal.  After the cub scout ceremony where John got his badge and gave his thank-you card, they began the service with music.  The instructor for the cub scouts was the lead singer and guitar player.  A female singer and another guitar player backed him up.  I did not care for the music, but the singers and players did a good job with what they played and it felt very heartfelt.  But then the sermon began…

After the music, I was very uncomfortable.  I was worried that the sermon would be poorly worded (as I felt the music had been) or scary in some overly-evangelical or perhaps even cultish way.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Before I go on to describe the sermon I need to let you know a little about my background in Christianity.  I’ve been a Christian for as long as I can remember.  My Mom took me to mostly Lutheran type churches and my Grandparents took me to Baptist churches.  My Father taught religion classes and I probably get a lot of my overanalysis of sermons from him.  Usually, I’ll be quite critical of the average sermon saying that it was too easy or just a rehash of an idea that they’d presented before or I might observe that there was something possibly wrong or not thought out about it.  Not so in this case…

The sermon that we got to see last Sunday was personal, humble, made several points that seemed to strike a chord with both my wife and I, and was expressively and clearly delivered.  I have witnessed very few sermons that reach to such a high level and a handful that touch me personally.  We’re still committed to our church, but we are both glad such a gifted speaker and man of God is helping our community.

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