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Father’s Day

windswept_w1280_cw1280_ch1024_cx2560_cy0I had just woken up on Father’s Day when my little toddler girl, Lain, came into the room.  Her beautiful smile and fun attitude were my first gifts.  Later, when I went downstairs my son, John F., gave me the greatest look that told me I was admired and appreciated.  Julia, my wife, wished me a great Father’s Day and had several surprises for me throughout the day.  My Mom came over later having already given me special gifts earlier.

I’m not one to brag; I don’t like to sound like I’m gloating and I don’t feel more special than others.  Just luckier.  But after a day like that I had to post to start out this family realm blog that I have the best family ever.  All my wildest dreams about my family life are satisfied and beyond.  I will appreciate these moments as best I can knowing that they are precious and incredibly rare.

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