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My First Post: What Is Right for Me Is Not Right for Everyone

windswept_w1280_cw1280_ch1024_cx0_cy0Finally, my first post.  I did have to summon up some courage to write my thoughts down and post them on the web because it has been a long time since I journaled.  But I love the idea of sharing my life with friends and family.  Especially those who live far away or whom I don’t get to see very often.

I do want to let readers know that while my family and I are conventional in many ways, there are a few unconventional ideas and practices in parenting which we have (ie: extended breastfeeding, homeschooling).  We believe strongly in these unconventional practices for our family and often find ourselves having to defend and explain these ideas.  However, I want everyone to know that as much as we may believe in these, we do understand that they may not be right for everyone.   I support everyone in their choices when they are made in the best interest of their family.  I believe my children would turn out fine if they weren’t breastfed for longer than one year or homeschooled.    However, we felt that these things might increase our children’s mental/physical health and well-being as well as work well with the way our family is set-up, and so that is why we pursue them.  I am not a super-mom, and I go through many periods of self-doubt and questioning about my parenting as I am sure you all do.  I am just trying to do the best I can.

I look forward to writing and having you all follow along.   Hopefully, the antics of a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom will be enough to keep your interest!


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